About Face

Gervin Puse. People, this man is a photographic God. I was lucky enough to finally shoot with him, and here is a little preview of the beautiful imagery we created on a cute little secluded (as usual) beach in the Eastern Suburbs. He has an amazing natural ability to work with the elements around him and create an authentic feel to images, I love his work, and can't wait to work with him again!
On another note, I know 3 consecutive days posting in a row, I'm on a role! I've got another exciting project with Gervin at the moment, and can't wait to show you all.
And on my final note, I'm officially saving hard for 3 things:
1. My dream trip to New York (personal dramas intentionally going against this one)
2. My dream Balenciaga boots
3. OH MY GOD fashion week in 4 months, must starting saving for outfits,
That is all, now enjoy the pretty pictures!

Visit Gervin's work HERE