Dress; Richard Nicoll from www.my-wardrobe.com, Watch; Michael Kors, Handbag; Yves Saint Laurent, Heels; Wittner
This dress makes me remember all together that Fashion Week is in less than 2 months and I still haven't put together any outfits. I've spent most of my time lately watching Will and Grace and pondering over why I bother with men altogether, when a hot date to me goes a little something like: Finding that perfect match (new shoes) and taking those babies home, where you know they'll keep you warm at night, and never stray, or forget to make you feel like a million dollars. I long for a world where men are disposable and last seasons Celine's aren't. Clothes are easy, people aren't, and maybe as women we find solace in hiding behind our labels because we're too scared to face the disappointment people bring to us. Where humans fail to perform, a new dress heals a heart that is torn.

Photos by Nusardel